Saturday, January 30, 2010

On "Doppelganger" Week

You don't really want to get me started on this facebook trend. For those of you who do not sit in front of facebook daily, let me explain (and congratulate you for using your time in better ways): This so called "Doppelganger" Week is the week where your facebook friends change their profile pictures to a celebrity they have been told they look like. The sad thing is that someone must have lied or been severly intoxicated upon letting these words slip out of their mouth.

Let us start out with the definition of doppelganger. Education to the uneducated. The origin of this word is German. Merriam-Webster defines this word as "a ghostly counterpart of a living person." I believe what this definition is getting at is that if you died and decomposed for a few months, then I went blind, you may look like this celebrity. Good thing they put the "ghostly" in there for clarification. Basically, someone could have called it look-alike week and ended up at the same place... with average people sadly believing they look like celebrities. Thank God the week is coming to an end.

On The Purpose of This Blog

Dear Friends,
This is a temporary site for my not-so-temporary thoughts. For quite awhile now, I have watched my friends (and completely random strangers) engage in stupid acts, only to wish I had a place to write about just how dumb they really are. Well, you lucky readers, this is the place. Ideally, I would compile all these mean accurate thoughts into a wonderfully helpful book called Read This, You Dummy. The book would have chapters specifically addressed to the people to whom I was writing, thus giving them easy reference for how to improve their lives. A more permanent blog is in the works, but I have valuable information to share and it needs a place to be said right now. Lucky. You.

Any reference to actual people or events is deserved unintentional, and I will not be held responsible for your tears when you realize you are a moron.